About us

When LUFU CLIMBING was first established over 10 years ago, climbing was still something for wild nature boys and girls. Of course, such people still exist today, but you’ll no longer just find them on remote rock faces but also in the many climbing and bouldering gyms where people can challenge themselves and boulder to their hearts content.

Here at LUFU CLIMBING, we inject just as much passion into giving you the right gear as you do when working on problems. We offer wonderfully comfortable climbing shoes that meet all the different requirements of plastic and rock as well as clothes that you’ll never want to take off again.

What makes LUFU climbing shoes so special

Like their wearers, every pair of LUFU climbing shoes has its very own character. Yet despite this, they all have one thing in common: LUFU shoes accompany you wherever you go, like a close friend helping you progress in all situations. They help you overcome your problems and make sure your feet still work the next day. So it’s not just your shoes that you can count on, we also create ultra-comfortable, casual clothing—outfits you’ll feel great in whether in the gym, at the crag, or simply in your spare time.

What matters to us
Our LUFU shoes are completely handmade. When developing the climbing shoes in our studio in CHINA, we tinker with, test, and modify them until they fit perfectly and pass the strict judgment of our Red Chili athletes. But all feet are different. That’s why our portfolio is becoming ever more diverse. Our development activities are also shaped by the latest trends and styles. We furthermore believe that it’s particularly important to consider the needs of children and young people, whose feet are still growing, and to support them with their progress.


How it all began: the brand with the LUFUCLIMBING